Nathalie De Clercq: Entrepreneur, artist, passion for tech. Global roots. Carpe Diem with me!

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Global roots: Half Chinese, half Belgian, Australian and American nationality. Grew up in Watchung, New Jersey; completed degree at the Australian National University (Canberra).Lived in Belgium for seven years (Brussels and Antwerp), tasted the LA life and currently based in New York City.Languages are French, Italian, Chinese and English.Current projects include: - Merchandising, production, purchasing and consulting help in regards to China. Everyone knows someone who could use help with Chinese manufacturing! WeSource is targeting small to medium sized companies and hardware related start ups. - Innovative tech accessories. Focused on Apple products but expanding to much more. - A luxury, fully serviced ten bedroom villa by the Mediterranean Sea. Specialized in holidays, events, yoga retreats and more. - Handcrafted products from Sardinia, Italy. Beautiful gifts, organic cosmetics, decor, artisanal treasures and more. Worth mentioning: - Your office in China. Nathalie's family business with over 35 years of experience. That's boss. - 'Give your favorite brands a boost.' Disrupting peer to peer lending for companies led by CEO Sean De Clercq. - Follow David De Clercq's adventures as he travels to all the countries in the world!Nathalie loves photography and videography, music, tech and gadgets, social media (@telihana on all sites), dancing and partying! Sports include martial arts, scuba diving, yoga, and running. She's currently fascinated with Psycho Cybernetics, Villa TreVille, and Tesla.Send her a message, she would love to connect!Nathalie De Clercq

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Google Glass, Travel, New York, martial arts, Apple products, Tech Fashion, Languages, the study of Millennials, Social Media, Family, music, good champagne!